domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2011

Spanish 3 Students
Students please read all instructions and make sure you are on task today!

Students – your objective for today’s class period will be to practice your new vocabulary words in context (in sentences). Our eventual goal will be to memorize these words and be able to use them in conversation or writing.  Remember from last week: Our new chapter is dealing with food/eating/cooking vocabulary. You have a handout with the terms. Please take out your sheet while you are working today in class and use it as a guide to assist you with the assignment. 

On Task All Hour! Remember working hard from bell to bell everyday will drastically improve your Spanish skills!

Task One:
Click on the link and go to chapter 7A. Click on Practice Activities. Click on Vocabulary Practice Activities One, Continue to Activity One
      There are 15 practice sentences. You will need to read each sentence, choose the correct vocabulary word to fit in the blank. For each of the fifteen practice sentences you must write the sentence completely in Spanish on a sheet of paper. Directly below the Spanish sentence with the proper vocabulary term please translate the sentence to English. This will be turned in for points and is due before you leave class.
Task Two:
Click on the Spanish word to hear the pronunciation! Say the words aloud after you hear them.
Task Three:
Memory game with vocabulary words
Task Four:
Rosetta Stone – choose your own level.  Work until the end of class.

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